Introducing Maroro!

No Tahitian home would be complete without at least one guard dog. So we found ourselves an almost stray puppy, which is not a very hard thing to do here. He was thin and flea-ridden, but still very cute. We've called him Maroro which means flying-fish in Rurutu (it's marara in Tahitian). The girls next door think it's a very good name, because he is very excitable and flighty.

What he likes.....
Dead geckos
Soapy water (with bleach is best)
Rotting land crabs
Chewing people's toes
Chewing my flip-flops (grrrr!)
Worrying coconut husks

What he doesn't like...
Eating bees
Being flea-sprayed
Being washed when he smells of rotting land crab
Taro (what kind of Tahitian dog is this?)

Jury's still out
Worming medicine


From the beginning

On September 10th 2005 I moved to French Polynesia to work on the French Polynesia terrestrial arthropod survey, based at the Gump Station, Moorea. As a way of keeping up with friends and family I've decided to write a web journal, these are just a few impressions and experiences from my life in Moorea. I hope you enjoy them!

The House
We have rented a house a few kms from the station. It's a two-bedroom bungalow with a good bit of garden. Truth be told it's seen better days, but the shabbiness is mainly cosmetic and Viriamu and I have spent the last few weeks making it presentable. It's on the mountainside, backing onto bush, with a sweet view of mountains in the background. The stars are awesome at night. There is a grapefruit tree and a lime. We also have Gardenia tahitensis 'tiare' bushes, so that we can make leis. Here are a couple of pictures of the house:

and some of its inhabitants....

(clockwise from left) giant roaches, fat geckos, hundreds of sharpshooters, el dogo