Amaiterai's first six months

It's all gone by in a big sleep-deprived delirious blur, and the boy is still showing no signs of sleeping nights! But he's the healthiest ball of smiles I have ever seen! He's literally brimming over with energy and charm, but please please please can I have more than 4 straight hours of sleep before the year's out? At his checkup, he passed with flying colors, a whopping 8.5 kg of bouncy grinning baby,  barely flinching at the jab. A real Rurutu pua tane!


A trip to NZ!

In july I made a trip to NZ with junior, actually with my mother-in-law and some of her family, trying to find their family in NZ, and do some genealogical research. I took the time out to make sure Amaiterai met his great-aunt and cousins too.
Amaiterai was a little bit shocked by all the changing faces, the cold and all the bustle of life in NZ, but it was an interesting interlude for me, and a chance to speak some english!