Action Shots

Hmmm, looks kinda' tasty

With the kids at home (all four of them...yikes!) we've been busy with the camera, with some pretty good results. Most notably action shots of Heimana in mid-stride........going up...
 .. and down the kitchen.......

....so much quicker on all fours

Being a toddler is just so much fun!


Officially a Toddler

Heimana started walking last wednesday (it's just taken me a while to get the blog up). It was funny, she had only taken two little unassisted steps beforehand, and no real sign of much more, then all of a sudden she walked across the room, and repeated the trick a few times that afternoon. You can see that she's torn between tottering on two feet and booking-it on all fours (slightly less elegantly but oh so much faster). Ah the sky's the limit now!


National Insect Week

As part of National Insect Week in the UK (21st-27st june) I've been invited to do an insect blog, so if you're interested in some insect-related ramblings take a look at my guest blog:  http://blogs.nationalinsectweek.co.uk/elinclaridge/.
A new species of Rhyncogonus weevil, 
discovered in Moorea during my research
photo: A. Machado


School pics

 Mato's class pictures are in, so here are a couple of pictures of her with her cute little Polynesian classmates, and her beloved Mr. Helden!


Tuati Returns!

Yesterday Tuati-iti, Viriamu's son arrived from Tahiti, having passed his exams, here for the holidays. This coming year he'll be staying with us and going to school in Rurutu....apparently he's become a bit of a handful, so his Mum's sending him to do hard labor with papa! Actually he's busy sweeping the garden as we speak. He's also dreaming of the galloping races....maybe this year he will steal the trophy from his uncle (just maybe?).
Anyway Matotea is just over the moon to have her big brother back. She follows him everywhere, poor Tuati! He's also pretty handy with the old babysitting......so I'm glad to have him around too.....