Amy and Dave tie the knot

On August 2nd my good friends Amy and Dave tied the knot in a beautiful spot surrounded by a huge eucalyptus forest in the Dandenong Hills, Melbourne, Australia. It was a really beautiful occasion and I felt privileged to be a matron of honor (even if it was a little bit chilly!!!). I got some friends of mine in Raiatea to design some black pearl necklaces for Amy and us girls, and I think Catherine and Eric did an amazing job. Amy just looked stunning!

There's actually a really nice story behind their wedding, and of course it involves Rurutu. Amy and I were at uni together and we enjoyed some fun adventures, I got to visit her in Australia a couple of times. Amy and Dave were even able to come to our wedding in Rurutu back in December 2006, Amy was one of my maids of honor. In fact Dave proposed to Amy while they were here with us, so it's all one beautiful full circle.

Dave was also almost singlehandedly responsible for our wedding video - and he did an amazing job, so hats off to him. The family and even some of our guests here in Rurutu still really enjoy watching the DVD.

I spent most of the time in Aus hanging out with Amy and Dave's family, doing some touristy things, lots of shopping and of course topping up on speaking english!