Quick on the heels of Heimana's birthday was the 14th of July horse race, what better way to celebrate the storming of the bastille!
 Actually it didn't go as well as hoped. Viriamu sailed through his qualifying round, the horse hardly breaking a sweat, but an ambitious bit of overtaking near a river bank put paid to his hopes in the final. He took a tumble, nothing serious bruised but his pride, however, the riderless horse continued a fair way alone, dazed and confused trying to find his way back home. It seems to be a bit of a saying of ours now, but "oh well, there's always next year"


Heimana is four

I managed to make it back from my NZ travels, just in time to celebrate Heimana's birthday, she's four. Before I left I asked her what she would like for her birthday, she though very long and very hard, and told me she wanted a cake and balloons!  
So that's what she got, she also got a sparkly mosaic crown and a throne (from tattie Tracey). We had an evening out at he heiva ground with her cousins, the kids were running around like wild things.
We had our traditional chocolate mousse cake....yum!