Flowers from my Garden

OK, it's another hibiscus (there are lots of 'em!). But did you know that you can actually wash your hair with this variety? Believe it or not it can be done, I've tried it and it's not bad....now I've just got to figure out how to incorporate it into my soap-making attempts!There's another species of hibiscus that can be used as tea, but I've never knowingly come across it here in Tahiti, though I bet it would grow....


Flowers from my Garden

Yellow Ginger - I'm particularly excited that I managed to get this cutting to grow and flower in our front beds, it's not that it's difficult to get it to grow, I just buried it in the sand and left it, it's more that it smells divine and looks pretty too.....


Where the wild things are

Let the wild rumpus start!


....next installement

Matotea practices 'posing' in the outfit she hand-picked for her school photo....
....two little princesses who love playing dress-up!


Easter Weekend

For the Easter weekend I thought I'd post some great pictures of the girls I've been meaning to post for a while. We tried a spot of boogie boarding and wave-jumping just out front. We didn't quite catch a wave, but we did have fun! Matotea and Heimana make quite a pair of surfer girls....


Flowers from my Garden

This week has been difficult for us all, Viriamu lost his father on
monday morning, he had been fighting lung-cancer, and succumbed to
liver failure as a result of the chemotherapy. It's a sad story, but
fortunately, Viriamu's mum is surrounded by supportive family and
friends. Her children and grandchildren are all there at home with


Heimana's friend

I always feel a little sorry for my two girls, as soon as the school
holidays begin we usually get busy at the guesthouse, and Matotea
tells me she's BORED of having a mummy who's always BUSY! But the upside is that the guests do often bring new friends to play with. Last week Heimana had a ball with a little boy called Nino, who is just exactly the same age as her - perfect, someone to hide in corners with! This week it's been Matotea's turn, she has a new friend called Mathilde to play with on the beach and, to do all her biddings.....