La Rentree

Monday was 'la Rentree' for Matotea, she's graduated from the baby class, up into SP. She's now with Madame Bridgitte, but Monsieur Helden still comes to give her a morning hug!
 It's been a long year, since her first rather more hesitant rentree, she's quite a lot more grown up now, and chatters away at nineteen to the dozen. Tuati has also started his 'new' school here in Rurutu, I've been brushing up on my math, to help him out with his homework!


(More) New Shoes!

Matotea is rapidly becoming the Imelda Marcos of Rurutu, we just received a new shipment of LaRedoute clothing, including these particularly attractive pink baseball boots, they're rather generously sized but they do look awfully cute on her!


Grandmere's birthday flowers

By the magic of internet Matotea sent Grandmere some lovely birthday blooms........
Happy Birthday Grandmere from all of us girls!


Almost famous!

Yes, we've hit the big time, we were just featured in the Tiki Mag (Tahiti's tv guide and gossip mag)...... it's generating some publicity for us......which is all good news.....the whales are here, and were even hanging around our front door this afternoon.....so let the season continue!