Work in progress.....

 Here's a  breadfruit  bowl that  we're working on at the moment. It 's not quite finished, but I think it already looks quite nice.


Tuati's birthday cake

Sunday is Tuati's fourteenth birthday, we're plunging deeper into the troubled teens. He's actually been good as gold, thus far, though there are clearly some small currents of angst swirling there beneath the surface. He's gone very anti birthdays, that's just for the little kids! And as we're going to be busy with guests I wanted to do something a bit in advance, so today we made some pre-birthday profiteroles this afternoon.......they turned out a bit funnny 'cause I had to go off to the airport in the middle of it all, and the roles got removed from the oven before they were really ready and then re-cooked! But we still managed to eat them with guava syrup....YUM!
 What could possibly go wrong with my exceptionally
talented sous-chef here at my side!