Flying higher

We've just finished a grueling and extremely satisfying, week of full-house february school-holidays. The poor grandparents exiled down the road at Meme's, along with the girls and Iro, who was here for the break. It's always a bit of a challenge to deal with a full guesthouse, but juggling visiting family and the girls (who really don't like being palmed off on anyone other than mummy and daddy) has been quite an effort, for all involved. Anyway we're all still surviving and grateful for a moment to rest and recover, before heading off on our own holidays in Tahiti next week.
Among the last of our guests was none other than the ex-PSG coach and well-known footballer Antoine Kombouare, who just happens to be married to one of Viriamu's second cousins !!! I didn't recognize him immediately, I'm more of a rugby girl myself (good one Wales for this weekend!), but the local French footie fans were all of a quiver, upon spotting him running on the beach! He was rather enjoying a bit of time being relatively incognito, before heading on to New Caledonia, where he is very much the local boy made good, and hence a bit of a superstar. It's always interesting to meet more of our huge family......


Flying high

Among the weird and wonderful stuff Granny and Grandbad have brought along with them for the girls are two rather smart (and remarkably easy to fly) kites. Matotea thinks they're just GREAT!
Matotea wears her arm-bands to fly the kite, always best to be a friend of safety, next stop kite-surfing!


Visitors and vacation!

We're at yet another salon du tourisme in Tahiti right now, the morning has been packed, but there's a bit of a lull on this sultry saturday afternoon, so I'm taking advantage to write-up this long overdue new installement.
The last few weeks have been filled up with family hols, my parents have made the grand trek from Wales half-way around the world to visit the grandkids (and avoid the terrible weather!). Here Heimana waves at the arriving aeroplane....
Granny and Grandbad arrived safely, and have been kept extremely busy with the girls. In fact we've left the there holding the fort while we both do the salon......we'll be back soon!
 The swingset is still a big favourite, especially when grandpa is willing to help out.
Computer lessons with granny,

We've also had a lot of fun at the beach,

 .....under granny's mosquito net, for a quick game or a well earned rest......
We've even found a moment to enjoy the sunset!