Tamarinds galore!

It's tamarind season here and we're all addicted, Heimana in particular is a fan, it's one good way to convince her to go to grandmere's. These weird looking pods hold seeds coated in a sticky pulp that you can suck, it's the ultimate sweet and sour treat, albeit a little tricky to get at!
I've been enoying trying out tamarind jam and for Viri's birthday I did duck with tamarind sauce, a tahitian/chinese classic. There are still so many great things here to discover!


Mato's birthday bash!

Today was Matotea's fifth birthday, and between guesthouse duties and rugby world cup semi-finals, we managed to squeeze in a birthday party. I've just come back from my evening pick up at meme's, and they're both utterly shattered and fast asleep, a real birthday party exhaustion sleep........there are few things quite as satisfying as seeing them both quite so tired out.
I came a cross an inflatable mini bouncy castle, while we were in Tahiti, and it turned out to be an inspired gift choice, albeit a little unwieldy to take to grandma's!
Even Viriamu, the birthday grinch, seemed to enjoy the party!


Matotea meets a Mermaid!

Last week we had a very special guest with us, my friend Dana from the Big Island, Hawaii, who is a dedicated whale-watcher, ocean-lover and a part-time mermaid, see for yourself www.danamermaid.com!  She very kindly put on her tail for us during her stay in Rurutu......
Matotea thought it was just magic to be able to swim on a mermaid's back......
Dana's gone but she left Matotea a special mermaid sea-shell, so that she can listen to the sea and dream of mermaids whenever she wants to!


Fabulous Heliconia

This amazing flower grows by the side of the road in southern Rurutu........it's huge and incredibly beautiful!