Full moon gardening

I'm getting interested in the garden again. Here in Tahiti different moon phases have been traditionally used for planting, harvesting and fishing. Back in Europe also, agricultural practices followed the moon, supposedly linked with the effects caused by the varying gravitational pull (affecting the availability of water) and the amount of moonlight. It sounds interesting, worth a try (anything that can improve my mediocre gardening is worth a shot!). May's full moon was on the 10th.
It was also Vesak or Buddha full moon. A festival that celebrates the life of buddha. It seemed like an appropriate moment to initiate the first stage of my new mandala garden project (this is a permaculture concept, a round garden with keyhole paths that form a 'mandala' , an aesthetically pleasing and practical way of growing veggies)

Hopefully it'll inspire us to eat more fresh produce....
The first step is to get one of our pigs to thoroughly dig and fertilize the garden for us, then we'll definitely need to put a fence in, what with the chooks, piglets and especially our puppy, Maui (named after the Tahitian demi-god, and who has wreaked havoc on the salad seedlings I dutifully planted out after the full moon, in a beautiful layered mulched bed, dug and filled by my own fair hands).... I'll get some more seeds started once the moon is right again! 

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